Immersive Learning

Learn with a dynamic stream of interactive exercises, quick lectures, and self-assessment quizzes.

Modular Curriculum

SignSchool’s modular curriculum allows for quick and customizable learning, so you can communicate better tomorrow.

A Community Collaboration

Built by a Deaf and hearing team in collaboration with renowned ASL instructors and Deaf community members.

The SignSchool Modular Curriculum - Learn American Sign Language the right way

Choose your module

Have a friend who's Deaf? A business colleague who signs? A family member who uses ASL? SignSchool has specialized modules for your personal communication needs.

Learn with interactive exercises

SignSchool’s suite of innovative exercises develops both your signing and comprehension skills.

The SignSchool Progress Tracking Feature - Learn American Sign Language the right way

Stay motivated and learn at your own pace

Track your progress with the achievement dashboard and see how far you've come.

A Learning Experience
You'll Love

On your desktop or tablet, SignSchool is the fun and easy way to learn American Sign Language anywhere.


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